Sedona Dry Cleaning - *your stuff will get ruined! - Don't chnace it!!

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Located Safeway Plaza ---Please...DO NOT GO HERE! They totally ruined my Pottery Barn Furilicious Bean Bag cover. They BURNT it! I just took it back to them and the clerk said..

"The owner is out of town, there isn't anything we can do..and then laughed at me." I took it in without any it has 2 LARGE actual burn marks. probably from being in some type of dryer? The clerk smelled the burn marks (which are two circular burns about the size of dinner plates). She said "they dont smell burned to me".

Well.. it cost $40..they won't refund..and the cover itself was $100. So..if you want to spin the wheel of fortune and take a shot that maybe your garment will come back to you actually cleaned and not burnt and my guest.

Shame on Sedona Dry Cleaning..they just BURNED another local.

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